Guydar X 10 Miles Away 

Sep 14 2010
With This Ring Comments (2)

Harry Reid's been the least effective among President Obama and Speaker Pelosi, yet I'd be pretty sickened if he were to lose his Senate seat to the likes of Sharron Angle, who thinks the color black is "of the devil." 

One thing that I think will help him is if he does bring DADT (within the defense-spending bill) up for a vote next week, as I'm hearing he intends to do. Plus he can finally return Lt. Dan Choi's ring.

Defeating DADT would jazz the Democratic base at a time when the base needs jazzing. Polls are beginning to reflect that the Dems may have bottomed out and be on an upswing as we head toward November. How much of an upswing? I'm not looking for miracles, but there's a big difference between losing the House and barely keeping it, and if the latter is our fate, I'll take it.



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