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Oct 31 2010
Guydar: Daddy Dearest Comments (2)

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Happy Helloween Comments (1)

Both shots from Hell's Kitchen: I doubt I'll get candy, though this Lady GaGa mannequin is hiding hers admirably. Below, a joke that was probably really funny up until the cops pulled them over:


Oct 30 2010
The Sane Event Comments (0)

IMG_8346So much for the enthusiasm gap

IMG_8315 We woke up at 3:30AM in order to get over to Citifield in Queens for the free HuffingtonPost busses to the Rally to Restore Sanity.

I'm not sure it was totallllly worth it, but it was an experience and I wound up feeling I'd supervoted.

IMG_8206 Citifield was a clusterfuck! There were thousands of happy-go-lucky liberals swarming in very loose lines. Picture tons of college sophomores, AARPers, wheelchairs, headscarves and Obama T-shirts—the diversity was like the reverse negative of the Tea Party's high-profile gatherings. As we milled about, waiting for directions, a bunch of flashes alerted us to a celebrity presence.

A"You're velcome, dahlinks!"

A twentysomething said, "It's that blonde girl who announced the busses!" She was right—we walked past Arianna Huffington herself greeting all her freeloading followers. Some of the line chanted "thank you" and she basked.

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The Kids Are All Right Comments (0)

The Glee controversy is ancient already, but I had to point out that OK! (November 8, 2010) has the balls to supply as an expert on why it's no biggie Miss Holly Madison, former polyamorous inamorata of Playboy's Hugh Hefner; she thinks it's totes fine!

Sheer (If Only) Jeanius Comments (0)

Via Radarx: New Captain's latest ad campaign seems rather jeans-inspired. Go backstage after the jump...

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Where I Live Comments (6)

I can't tell if it's scary-beautiful or beautifully scary, but this is my apartment building in Hell's Kitchen. I promise I don't live in a Tim Burton movie, even though some of my subplots sometimes feel that way.

Guydar: Baker's Dozen Comments (5)

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Oct 29 2010
Declassified Comments (0)

Segregation drinking fountain So that Pentagon troop survey on DADT is leaking and it appears the majority of those in the military and their families wouldn't be up in arms (get it???) if DADT were repealed. By leaking some of it early, I suppose this is how we cool the jets of the activists pushing hardest for repeal. Why does this all feel like theater?
I know the path to repeal in the Senate is no cakewalk (helpfully laid out for you here), and yet it almost feels like this was the deal cut behind-the-scenes by Obama, the military and some senators, and that activists' passion just got in their way. (Not that it was unjustified; I just mean it's like the prez is shushing us because he knows—or thinks—"I got this!")

I sure hope DADT is history. This year.

Mission: Impossible IVplay Comments (0)

National Enquirer (November 8, 2010) has a total hard-on for Jeremy Renner—in both senses of the word. Having already outed him earlier on, they're now saying he has a "man-crush" on Tom Cruise.

"As The Enquirer reported, he's fanned speculation about his sexuality by refusing to address the reports that he's gay, while three-times-married Cruise has also been dogged by apparently false gay rumors."

One correction: If Renner's gay, it's not a man-crush, it's a crush.

Oct 28 2010
Ladybugger Comments (1)

340x Gawker runs a truly tasteless story by a then 25-year-old guy (now outed as Dustin Dominiak) who had what I would call a somewhat dry one-night stand with Christine O'Donnell three years ago. The worst part? He cattily disses her ungroomed pubic hair.
 "Obviously, that was a turn-off." Not really the kind of story that I needed to read, but noteworthy for its boundaries-thumping salaciousness.

Unlike Christine O'Donnell, I don't want to limit or control what people do or don't do in bed. If she wants to get naked and refuse sex, that's her business. (Literally, considering how she's used abstinence as her career so far.) But the article struck me as worse than a tabloid and misogynist in tone—not because it was kiss & tell, but because it was kiss & diss. It reminded me of a construction worker I once heard scream across the street at a woman who was ignoring him, "Fuck you, you fucking bitch-dyke!" It felt like revenge.