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Nov 17 2010
Dan Choi Jumps The Shark Comments (24)

Via Joe.My.God.: Some of his detractors (he has, surprisingly to me, quite a few of them within the LGBT community) would say Lt. Dan Choi jumped the shark long ago, but while I've disagreed with some of his strategies, I've seen him more positively than negatively most of the time.

But with his latest tweet—correctly calling out President Obama for various failings, just plain stupidly declaring him the "Worst POTUS in #LGBT history."—he's now just another nutjob like Cindy Sheehan, who also started out well and ended up ridiculous.

It's a joke to suggest Obama is the worst president in history for LGBT issues. A let-down? Yes. Frustratingly timid? Yes. But it's irrational, hyperbolic, ignores history and is perhaps a manifestation of what the Village Voice recently hinted were mysterious, movement-unfriendly behavior he's engaging in behind the scenes.

The gays who call him our MLK should really do a recasting.



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