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Dec 18 2010
Don't Ask, Don't Tell And John McCain Are History Comments (11)

Minutes ago, the Senate achieved cloture on the stand-alone repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, effectively meaning: It's over. We won. (Or we will once debate is over and the final vote happens. UPDATE: It's over.) Once it became clear this was a done deal, more senators voted in favor than were expected to, including Kirk, Conrad and Voinovich, along with Collins, Snowe, Brown and Murkowski. But not before John McCain made a horrifying speech claiming soldiers would lose limbs over this repeal, echoing the sentiments of Marine Corps honcho Amos.

Credit to Joe Lieberman (finally! he must really want to be re-elected!) for pulling this together, to Harry Reid for scheduling the vote in such a way that it would pass, to all the tireless activists who bitched and moaned (the squeaky activist gets the oil) and finally to President Obama...what looked like a miserable failure for him only a week ago is now a real feather in his cap. Would have preferred he do this before the eleven-and-a-halfth hour, but the end result is what matters. An historic day.

Just don't ask about the DREAM Act....



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