Shining Through She Blows 

Dec 13 2010
Sob Story Comments (7)

I'm all for men expressing emotions, but doesn't anyone else think it's creepy and unsettling that the third person in succession for the presidency (as of '11) would get as drunk-blubbery as incoming Speaker of the House John Boehner does at the drop of a hat? Last night, he was getting choked up repeatedly on 60 Minutes and says he can't even visit schools because simply seeing children makes him cry. (Gee, he'd have been great during Katrina.) How about being an advocate for their well-being and being in favor of programs that would help them achieve the American Dream instead of favoring corporations?

Nancy Pelosi must really appreciate the irony that a tough woman like her would be fired in favor of this goof. I suppose lots of people will find his act reassuring—he's a regular guy! he's probably never even been to San Francisco!—but pull it together, man. If the top two slots become unexpectedly vacant, do you think we want to see you making an announcement through sobs?

It's a nice juxtaposition with how the Republican party callously demands that our leaders "man up." (God help President Obama if he were to cry over anything in public unless it was something really, really defensibly traumatic.)



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