A Stark Reminder Charlie Sheen's Mind Is A Terrible Thing 

Jan 28 2011
Dekker's Pecker Comments (0)

Kaboom02"It was such an honor to play a role that was neither gay nor straight."

Thomas Dekker describes his role in Gregg Araki's upcoming Kaboom for Next Magazine's "The Nexus" blog:

"The movie opens with a full-frontal shot of me. Honestly, I don't care about nudity or sex. I find it a lot harder to do those emotional scenes than ones merely involving vanity. If I could do every photo shoot and every scene naked, I would. It would be easier. People have less to judge when you're naked."

Speak for yourself, boy!

But in all seriousness, Kaboom sounds interesting, and Dekker's next movie—he plays Lance Loud in Cinema Verité (based on An American Family) for HBO.




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