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Jan 31 2011
Spark Speaks Comments (16)

The guys of The Six Pack are the first to score with Black Spark—well, they scored the first audio interview with him at least. Go have a listen to see if you think he's "a tool" (as hosts Ben & Dave worried he might be before speaking with him) or a serious artiste or both. (Full interview available on The Six Pack's iPhone app.)


He says he was inspired by Kanye West's lyric about "shooting a viral" and incorporates sex into all he does because:

" is power. You know, anyone can tell you, they can tell you whatever they want, but sex is power. Um, I feel powerful when I'm, when I'm havin' sex. I like, you know, I like to have sex, I have a lot of sex in my day-to-day life and so, that's why I hate the whole 'porn' thing is just because you guys are just seeing my love life. I have sex every single day and that's what people see."

He says, of his occasionally temperamental outbursts on Facebook:

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Catches Thieves/Just Like Flies Comments (3)

I'm not sure if these new pictures are of Andrew Garfield or of his stunt double, but I applaud them.

Rae Of Light Comments (2)

Charlotte-Rae-as-Mrs-Garrett-diffrent-strokes-16733112-979-746 Charlotte Rae, who played Mrs. Garrett on The Facts of Life (and on Diff'rent Strokes), tells TMZ offshoot TooFab she is supportive of former co-star Geri Jewell's decision to come out as a lesbian with her book I'm Walking As Straight As I Can:

"Her coming out as a lesbian, well, it's a healthy time to come out, everybody is very open about it, which is wonderful, absolutely wonderful."

Rae goes on to wish Jewell well and dub her an "inspiration."

I'm With The Brand Comments (6)

Allegedly, and it sounds like a pure rumor, Madonna's considering taking the cast of Glee on tour with her this year. I like Glee and love Madonna, this is not a combo I'd be excited about together on stage. Although some of them popping up at a promo gig would be fun. (Thanks to Jason for the tip.)

Receiving A Briefing Comments (0)

If these shots make you feel totally patriotic and encourage you to salute, there's lots more where they came from: Atten-SHUN!


Feeling Super Duper Comments (5)

Meet your new Superman (is another one really necessary so soon?), Henry Cavill. They went with an actor this time!


Command And Obey Comments (1)

Stephen Green, one of the UK's biggest anti-gay activists, is being sued for divorce by his wife, who has compelling claims that he is a sadistic wifebeater and rapist...all in the name of the Bible.

Guydar X 15 Comments (1)

More after the jump...

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