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Feb 28 2011
Bye, Bye Baby Comments (11)

Jane Russell—best known for her scandalous bosom in The Outlaw, as Marilyn Monroe's co-star in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and as the spokeschest for that 18-hour bra—has passed away at age 89.

D She was a longtime Christian conservative and registered Republican, and asked that in lieu of flowers, contributions be made to an anti-choice pregnancy counseling outfit. It hardly seems fair that someone so frickin' enticing would be so against abortion, but there you have it.

Penn Teller Comments (5)

Thanks to Matthew: Wow, I want pictures...now! (Sorry, non-Madonna fans...it has been a very Madonna stretch lately.)

Madonna On XX Comments (2)

With thanks to Joe: Wouldn't it be great to hear Madonna re-invent "Like a Virgin" (if she feels the need to re-invent it at all) like this in concert?

Jiminy Cricket Comments (0)


British cricketer Steve Davies has come out as gay, but he was always openly ass-gifted—wow to the news and wow to the picture!

There Is No Crying In Pageants! Comments (0)

SafariScreenSnapz005"Sexy feet! Sexy feet!"

Tom Hanks is hilariously game in this Toddlers & Tiaras send-up for Jimmy Kimmel centered around The Ultimate Sexy Baby Pageant...

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Skeleton Keys Comments (38)

SsssssWe are all the same under our skin, right?

Considering I felt "Born This Way" was kind of an okay but not amazing song, I wasn't System PreferencesScreenSnapz001 sure what to expect from the video. Well, it's here, and it's queer—and by that I mean queer vs. gay. A song that sounds like it should be lip-synched on a float at a pride parade has been paired with a wildly inventive, unsparingly dark sci-fi clip by Jonas Akerlund Nick Knight that has precious few "she stoled that from Madonna!" moments. (I'll try to predict: Maybe a touch of "Bedtime Story" in the beginning, a visible effort to avoid outright vogueing during the "Vogue"-esque part and maybe the bikini will remind some of Madonna's damage-control Esquire cover from '94. Am I warm? Those are all stretches, BTW.)

XxxxxAll Maximed up

But my favorite (and the video's only) for-sure-Madonna moment that fans will undoubtedly point out is at the end, when GaGa has the audacity to appropriate Madonna's missing gap:

SafariScreenSnapz003"You got rid of it, Madonna, don't blame me for taking it out of the trash!"

SafariScreenSnapz004...reminds me of Madonna from "I'll Remember."

But enough about Madonna, because this is not even close to a Madonna-style video. Though I can speak for at least some Madonna fans in saying I wish she'd return to wowza videos, even if I'm not clamoring to see Madonna in skullface makeup, one of the most arresting and alarming images in "Born This Way."

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Attention Addicts Comments (2)

Addicted is showing off its new underwear line. Some of it is pretty brief; I don't think it should be called underwear if you could poop while wearing it without soiling yourself. More here.

Mother "Goddamn!" Comments (13)

20110227-pictures-madonna-lourdes-oscar-after-party-graydon-carter-02With thanks to Daniel S. for this one = perfection

Thanks to Joshua & Madonnarama: Madonna and Lola looked smashing at the Vanity Fair Oscars party, Madonna going with Music-era straightened hair and another of her trademark TMI frocks. (Which I loved! Except for the fur...)



More here. The papers (what are those?) are trying to say Lola was "embarrassed" by her mom's get-up. Yeah, right. More at Radar.


Rock Me, Amadeus Comments (0)

AMadonna at the Amadeus party by the amazing Patrick McMullan

If you liked his last Madonna-infused entry, you'll be happy to know Reid Rosefelt is back with another Madonna remembrance, this time centering on his escorting her to the rockstar-friendly (well...just Madonna and Roger Daltrey) party for the film Amadeus.

Richardcorman_photographs_sale_news Particularly charming is his memory of Madonna having to toss keys down to anyone trying to get into her apartment—this must've been the same place she was in when Richard Corman shot her because Corman told me a similar story.

As an aside, Rosefelt says Madonna did her rolling-on-the-floor version of "Like a Virgin" for MTV on an off-day of shooting and that she mentioned to him she was bothered because "Cyndi Lauper wouldn't even look at her that night, which bothered her (!!!) because she said she wanted to be friends with other women singers."

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Away Message Comments (2)

I spent February 19 through February 23 in L.A., and I'm not quite sure what to say about it this time. I've been plenty of times since my first trip (after which I NYCnootily decided it was a vapid waste of space) and have come to enjoy visiting and to cherish the internalized feeling it gives me. There is something about it that feels like an alternate reality; maybe just because I don't live there and it's the biggest place I've been to outside of NYC.


But since my trip was so much about my dayjob, I feel a bit hindered from going on and on about every detail. Instead, I'll keep it shortish and heavy on the imagery.

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