Cause Célèbre—A Review Of Sal Mineo: A Biography & Interview With The Author Disrespect Herself 

Feb 12 2011
Starry-Eyed: Laurie Metcalf Comments (1)


I just looove me some Laurie Metcalf. I was shocked when walking past her in NYC this morning—what do you say? "I've loved you ever since Desperately Seeking Susan and it's just not going away?" She had on a beautiful turquoise coat but looked incognito bundled up. I knew she was about to do a play (Sharr White's The Other Place—which I will attend), so assumed she was off to a rehearsal by her deep-in-though expression. So I just worshiped her silently from anear.

I only hope Kenneth can forgive me for not going for the pic-with. She was the most sorely missed presence at the otherwise amazing DSS cast reunion recently—and Madonna didn't come either!



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