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Mar 31 2011
Slice Of Life Comments (3)

IMG_9847Sieber is a very giving co-star

I was invited to Two Boots Slice of Broadway (625 Ninth Avenue between 44th and 45th Streets) tonight to watch cast members of La Cage aux Folles presented with a specialty pizza that's being named after them, and let me tell ya—there were plenty of hot pieces in the place.

IMG_9840Karl Warden, Christopher Sieber, Mike McShane, Heather Lindell & AJ Shively (others are in the video)

Xxx First, it was fun to finally get to meet-meet Christopher Sieber. I was (politely, and not by him) kicked out of my booth to accommodate him and some of the cast (eight or nine members showed up) and got to say hello then. A few years ago, I'd posed for a picture with him during a Broadway Bares appearance, but my friend Jason inexplicably cut his head off (he was squatting on the stage). And though I've seen Sieber around the area many times, I hadn't spoken with him until today. Along with being sexy, he's sweet and funny—and so modest!

"You have to come see La Cage again now that I'm in it," he joked. "I'm realllly good."

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Those Most Convinced The Answer Is "Not Very" Are The Ones For Whom The Answer Is Probably "Extremely" Comments (2)

Newsweek (March 28—April 4, 2011) asks the question that needs to be asked.

Well, What Do Juneau? Comments (2)

According to National Enquirer (April 11, 2011), Sarah Palin's hubby Todd has allegedly fathered a love child. That would be rich, though it seems like nothing she or anyone in her fam does could shake the faith her most fervent followers.

Just For Kicks: An Interview With Mr. Broadway, Michael Cusumano Comments (3)

MichaelCusumanoMr. Broadway—unstuffed!

Gerry visco The other week, I had lots of fun at my first Broadway Beauty Pageant, proceeds from which went to the Ali Forney Center (and those kids can really use it right about now).

As a follow-up, here's my Q&A with your Mr. Broadway 2011, Michael Cusumano of the long-running hit Chicago.

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Hotter In The Shade Comments (4)

Debbie harry 2011 Jenny hands 2 Madonna_DG_sunglasses_campaign_by_Steven_Klein_04
My idols are morphing into each other! Sixtysomething Debbie Harry is shot by Jenny Hands for Grazia (top) and fiftysomething Madonna as seen pimping for D&G (bottom). Both looking spectacular.

Also love Harry's Joker-grin pose, after the jump...

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Weiner Roast Comments (0)

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-New York) roasts himself and everyone else at last night's Congressional Correspondents' Dinner. Love this guy, even when he's not kidding around.

The Endo Times Are Near Comments (14)

Entertainment Weekly (April 1, 2011) recalls Madonna's F-bomb tirade versus David Letterman on March 31, 1994, 17 long years ago. No matter what anyone says today, I will never forget watching it and cringing in embarrassment at her utter inability to spar with Letterman using her wits. She resorted to just humiliating him. I thought it was similar to going and taking a dump on his stage—sure, it soiled him and left him befuddled, and The New York Times later pointed out his ratings slid afterward, but still, she was the broad taking the dump, you know?

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