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Mar 31 2011
The Endo Times Are Near Comments (14)

Entertainment Weekly (April 1, 2011) recalls Madonna's F-bomb tirade versus David Letterman on March 31, 1994, 17 long years ago. No matter what anyone says today, I will never forget watching it and cringing in embarrassment at her utter inability to spar with Letterman using her wits. She resorted to just humiliating him. I thought it was similar to going and taking a dump on his stage—sure, it soiled him and left him befuddled, and The New York Times later pointed out his ratings slid afterward, but still, she was the broad taking the dump, you know?

Regardless, it's seen as "good" (read: "memorable") TV and nobody's done anything similar since; the chick's an original. As for Madonna's views on it, she did bend over backward to kiss and make up with Letterman...

...and also did some damage control by acting a proper lady on Leno shortly after the dust-up:

Today, of course, they're pals.

P.S. It's convenient that EW fails to note its own printed assessment that Madonna's career had imploded, an assessment it published following the (temporarily) disastrous appearance, and one that has proved to be dead wrong.



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