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Mar 14 2011
When Madonna Met The Camera Comments (4)

April 2011 - Madonna lo
About to be posted at, here is Out's "The Unseen Madonna" cover by Richard Corman, with a feature entitled "I Shot Madonna" that chronicles his experiences with the then-unknown wannabe.

I used to own Corman's work (he's since bought it back) and spent way too much time stressing over the fact that people had the images and were trading hi-res scans, etc., because how else to make back my money if not via sales, and how to guarantee sales if the images were everywhere?

1I don't remember owning these; Corman must've found more!

I'm so relieved he has them back, and it's gratifying to see them showcased at See even more of them here.

Madonnass8One of my absolute faves of the unreleased shots

One small criticism is that the exquisite portfolio at offers some shots of Madonna in '80s sweaters without noting that this session was for the January 1984 issue of Italian Glamour (Lei) and unrelated to the apartment/street and VisionQuest shots. Corman told me Madonna hated those sweaters so much she cried—that's why her eyes are red in the originals.

Luckystar_madonna_first_album_draft_edoMadonna's first first album cover

Also, Corman shot the cast of Desperately Seeking Susan; his image of Madonna with her late BFF Martin Burgoyne (who designed the aborted cover for Madonna's first album) included at is from that session.

Finally, click here to read Corman's remembrance of shooting Madonna that mentions a modern-day Cinderella angle (though that Last Temptation of Christ bit is pretty juicy, too).



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