The Full Timmons?: Jeff Heats Up Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino Buggs Me 

Apr 15 2011
Does She Make You Horn-y? Comments (16)

Via Perez Hilton: Though her body-modi exploits are, um, a little on the weird side and unlikely to dissuade critics that she's a demonic Illuminati Satan-worshiper, Lady Gaga's new single "Judas" really and truly hits the spot.

It sounds like a potpourri of her past signature hits without sounding like a lazy medley, and is far easier to enjoy on impact than her cool, well-intentioned but less thoughtlessly joyful "Born This Way." "Judas" is to "Bad Romance" as "Deeper and Deeper" is to "Vogue." And who knew we shared an ex-boyfriend? That fucking Judas really got around!

You like the song?



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