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Apr 30 2011
The Twinkie Defense: An Interview With Courtney Burr Comments (12)

IMG_9459Meeting Michaud (left) and Burr (right) in Los Angeles

In February, following an interview I did with Michael Gregg Michaud, the author SalMineoBio of Sal Mineo: A Biography, I was pleased when he introduced me to Mineo's partner, Courtney Burr. Burr had been with the actor for years at the time of his tragic stabbing death and had provided Michaud with many invaluable insights into Mineo's personality because he "just wanted the story of what happened in our lives to be truthful and to reflect even the things some people might find strange."

I met with Burr, once looked down on as Mineo's "twinkie" and now a respected acting teacher in his sixties, and Michaud at the 2010_1130_courntey_burr_sal_mineo_onstage_sunday_new_york_florida_1974RSZD-237x300 Universal Hilton in Los Angeles on brisk day, but was immediately warmed by Burr's gift of gab. His story holds interest not only as a peek into the private life of Mineo, but as a candid look at how two men fell in love and made it work until it was taken away unexpectedly.

Continue reading to be regaled with Burr's memories of his lover's artistic vision, to find out if Mineo identified as gay, to get pissed off at how the Mineo family mistreated him after Mineo's murder, to get dish on the infamous Broadway version of Harold and Maude and to hear what it was like directing first Oscar winner Janet Gaynor...

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Apr 27 2011
"We're Living Through War": A Review Of The Normal Heart Comments (8)

1The boys (and girl) in the band

Last week, I was invited to a special reception and preview performance of the 1.154926 revival of Larry Kramer's The Normal Heart, which you will—and should, immediately—find at the Golden Theatre. A show widely regarded as a seminal part of gay and AIDS history is having its Broadway debut; it is co-directed by Joel Grey and George C. Wolfe; and its stars include Ellen Barkin (finally good again in something good again!), Joe Mantello (the director's first acting gig since the original Angels in America), Lee Pace, Jim Parsons, John Benjamin Hickey, Patrick Brreen, Mark Harelik, Luke MacFarlane, Richard Topol and Wayne Alan Wilcox...for those reasons, sight unseen, this was always going to be a must-attend. But having seen it, I can't unsee it, am likely to forget it and can't recommend it highly enough.

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Apr 26 2011
Dragged In—RuPaul's Drag Race: Season Three Climaxes In NYC Comments (15)

XcxShe was smokin' by the boys' room

Last night was the big party at Providence on W. 57th in NYC celebrating the season finale of season three of RuPaul's Drag Race, which—as you undoubtedly know by now—was unsurprisingly won by longtime front-runner Raja.

QuickTime PlayerScreenSnapz001Women on the verge

Xxx I didn't do the bash, but did the preceding press event, which was probably five times or more larger than a similar event I covered last year. Nine (!) of the queens showed up (but no RuPaul and no judges) for our interviewing pleasure, Zz and I got to meet an adorable Boy Culture reader from Passport, a candidate for Mr. Friendly Hunk-of-the-Year who works for Networq, an A-List: New York producer (I did not smack him, and he told me he loves all the boys, especially Ryan) and saw my pals Ian and Mike and Mark and more.

IMG_0049 When I arrived, Raja, Carmen Carrera (barefoot!) and Mimi Imfurst were milling about outside, greeting fans. Mimi looked a bit put out that so much attention was being showered on Raja, but I think everyone knew Raja was going to win, and Mimi's look was not only fierce, it was fearsome—in a good way!—so maybe the fanboys and fangirls were a bit more shy.

X Inside, we lined up to take pictures and video as the girls paraded before a step-and-repeat. A regal-looking (read: the bitch was carrying a scepter!) Manila Luzon definitely seemed to generate the most excitement, followed by a Goth Yara Sofia, looking like a gorgeous courtesan who'd just dug herself out of her grave for a second chance at life.

MA queen and her subjects

It was kind of a Q&A S&M, which is what I call it ("round-robin" is too Tiger Beat) when you just have to grab whichever subject is closest for your questioning and/or stand in painfully long lines if others have beaten you to the punch.

Here are my thoughts, along with video—I asked each to tell me about their "last drag, first drag, best drag, worst drag" stories—to back them up:

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Apr 15 2011
The Full Timmons?: Jeff Heats Up Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino Comments (1)

Pic02-1The host with the most

Hot off the presses: It may be "The Hardest Thing" to believe, but 37-year-old former 98 Degrees star Jeff Timmons is teaming up and steaming up with Chippendales at Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas from May 12 to June 5. Though he's got the body for it, will he actually be, you know, dancing? And if so, can you break this hundred for all ones and fives?


Cool down—he's billed as the emcee and special musical guest, so while Timmons will be shaking his moneymaker, in his case that moneymaker is his golden throat and not his pec-tacular physique.

It's been years since I last interviewed Timmons, one of the nicest people I've ever encountered in teen idoldom, but I got in touch with my old buddy with plenty of burning questions about his surprising gig...

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Apr 05 2011
Flying Solo—A Video Review Of Broadway Bares: Solo Strips Comments (5)

SafariScreenSnapz001Matt Skrincosky proves he's one bad apple, spoiling us a bunch

SafariScreenSnapz003 I was in L.A., so had to miss out on Broadway Bares: Solo Strips (please donate to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS) at Splash on Sunday, April 3. I sent my new pal and de facto stringer, Tim O'Leary...and he definitely didn't disappoint!

SafariScreenSnapz004Charlie Sutton from Catch Me If You Can...and believe me, I'd try!

Keep reading to see videos from chorus-boy knock-outs including Matt Skrincosky, Tony Guerrero, Dave August, Rickey Tripp, Tyrone A. Jackson, Andy Mills, Charlie Sutton, Kellen Stancil and Brandon Rubendall.

SAndy Mills had to split

And don't forget to take a lingering look at our footage of a slimmed-down and always sexy Christopher Sieber, your master(bator) of ceremonies...

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