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Apr 30 2011
The Twinkie Defense: An Interview With Courtney Burr Comments (12)

IMG_9459Meeting Michaud (left) and Burr (right) in Los Angeles

In February, following an interview I did with Michael Gregg Michaud, the author SalMineoBio of Sal Mineo: A Biography, I was pleased when he introduced me to Mineo's partner, Courtney Burr. Burr had been with the actor for years at the time of his tragic stabbing death and had provided Michaud with many invaluable insights into Mineo's personality because he "just wanted the story of what happened in our lives to be truthful and to reflect even the things some people might find strange."

I met with Burr, once looked down on as Mineo's "twinkie" and now a respected acting teacher in his sixties, and Michaud at the 2010_1130_courntey_burr_sal_mineo_onstage_sunday_new_york_florida_1974RSZD-237x300 Universal Hilton in Los Angeles on brisk day, but was immediately warmed by Burr's gift of gab. His story holds interest not only as a peek into the private life of Mineo, but as a candid look at how two men fell in love and made it work until it was taken away unexpectedly.

Continue reading to be regaled with Burr's memories of his lover's artistic vision, to find out if Mineo identified as gay, to get pissed off at how the Mineo family mistreated him after Mineo's murder, to get dish on the infamous Broadway version of Harold and Maude and to hear what it was like directing first Oscar winner Janet Gaynor...

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Ad Men Comments (1)


Apr 29 2011
Hats Off (Please) Comments (16)


Fergie & Andy's daughters look a fright at the wedding, which was kind of them to do for Kate, so as not to detract from her movie-star prettiness. Oh, wait, it wasn't on purpose? Yikes. Those dresses...and those hats! Beatrice looks well and truly pleased with her selection even though she looks like something you'd encounter playing Call of Cthulu.

Sidenote: This is Prince Andrew? Randy Andy?  I can't believe he's only 50. He was once among the hunks of all times:


Okay, okay, so all this counts as interest in the spectacle I already pooh-poohed. But I couldn't ignore the hat! Aretha Franklin is rolling over in her grave—and she's not even dead!

The Eyes Of Carol Channing Comments (2)

SafariScreenSnapz001Channing is 90 and looks amazing even sans wigs, costumes and makeup

On April 22, I joined my pal Dan to see a screening of Carol Channing: Larger Than Life SafariScreenSnapz003 as part of the TriBeCa Film Festival. (Good God, has it already been five years since Boy Culture played there???) I'd heard nothing about the documentary, so looked forward to being surprised.

I was definitely surprised that it had a mini red carpet and that Channing had been slated to attend. Dan was playfully worried I'd embarrass him by asking Miss Channing for a pic-with, but he needn't have worried—as it turned out, she bailed due to a virus that kept her from boarding her plane to NYC. I hope she gets well soon...the last time I attended a doc on someone who was too ill to attend, it was Jack Wrangler—and he never got better. :(

I walked in with Tyne Daly, who later addressed the audience with a sweet note from Channing, who clearly regretted not being able to attend:

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Step By Step Comments (3)

Teabaggers: I promise not to tread on you if you promise to stop being such snakes.

Under-There Comments (0)

This little number looks like it was inspired by a pair of Shelley Winters's 1940s "fuck-me" pumps. But it proves a sexy guy looks sexy in anything, even something kinda out-there (if underwear can be out-there). More here.

Playgirl Changes Hands, PopEater Will Eat Itself? Comments (1)

ANardicio says cock-loving women are still a big part of the mag's readership

I heard from a good source that the print component of Playgirl—revitalized by Daniel Nardicio in the past two years after a disappearing act—had been sold to a New Jersey publisher for an undisclosed amount, and that the online and products line (they have items in GNC and other stores) would stay with the current owners.

SafariScreenSnapz001 Nardicio has confirmed the rumor, and says he expects to continue working for the print title, something he excels at because, "I like cock. I know about cock."

If you think that's anything to sneeze at, remember how lame Torso was when its editor was a fat guy. (Me!)

I'll be curious to see how the Playgirl story continues to unfold on the newsstand, and if the owners of the magazine and the owners of the Web site will be able to Play nice together.


SafariScreenSnapz002 In other (big) news, I've also heard that HuffingtonPost is going to do away with PopEater, folding it into HuffingtonPost Entertainment.

If true, I'll be sad to see it go.

Anti-Gayface Book Comments (2)

Facebook has expelled gay-interest site BeautifulMag. Too gay, too much skin...? No explanation.


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