Wait'll We Get Our Haynes On You The Right Bray 

May 06 2011
Cutting Remarks Comments (18)

Via Joe.My.God.: Camille Paglia is was still aggressively spewing idiocy after all these as recently as two years ago. God, I hate that I loved her first book so much before getting wise to the phony progressive's poisonous attitudes.

Now, she's criticizing Chaz Bono—and stubbornly referring to him as her and only by the name Chastity—for having gender-reassignment surgery, which she terms a "mutilation." Why is she against it? Because Paglia feels SHE (not Chaz) is better acquainted with why Chaz "has been unhappy her whole life" and also because even having surgery as an option could lead to confused people (like Paglia once was, apparently) having it.

Paglia identifies as a progressive, BTW, something you'd never know based on her right-wing arguments on just about every issue. I wish her caterwauling could be surgically removed and/or refashioned into something more useful, but I think she's too far gone for that.




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