Rat Bohemia Turning Violet, Violet 

May 13 2011
Gee, Wiz! Comments (5)

1david henrie shirtless
Out of all the teen-appeal stars out there, Wizards of Waverly Place star David Henrie (21) seems to be the one that all my gay friends lust after the hardest. One reason why, as illustrated above (far left)—the Disney Channel heartthrob has got a rockin' body. Also in this tweeted shot (from L to R) are Wizards co-star Dan Benson (23), Henrie's Sicilian cousin Lorenzo (standing) and Wizards co-stars Gregg Sulkin (18) and David DeLuise (39). I judiciously edited out 16-year-old Jake T. Austin, also a Wizards kid, who displays a body that is competitive with them all.

Not sure who the other seated guy is, but his shirt's on so WTF cares?

One more shirtless group pic after the jump...

David henrie shirtless twoDeLuise, Henrie, Henrie's cuz and Sulkin




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