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May 31 2011
M Wears W On O Comments (16)

Madonna windsor
My sharp-eyed friend noticed that, during her appearance on one of Oprah's final shows, Madonna appeared to have been wearing a Cartier gem-set and diamond cross bracelet previously owned by the late Duchess of Windsor. The Duchess is the subject of Madonna's upcoming directorial effort W.E.


The cross bracelet was listed at 350,000 to 450,000 GBP and sold for over 600,000 to an anonymous bidder.

Looks like the identity of that bidder is no longer a mystery.

A Real Page-Turner Comments (6)

Cosmopolitan's German edition has a calendar that will have you eagerly anticipating the passage of time. Much more here.

Still In Love With GaGa, Baby Comments (6)

Screen shot 2011-05-31 at 12.21.23 PM Having said she's "in love with" Lady GaGa and admiring her artistry, Dolly Parton has reiterated that she'd love to work with the diva—and Madonna ain't chopped liver, either:

"I'd love to do a duet with Madonna, always wanted to work with her, but she never asked."


On The Trail Of The Trailblazers Comments (0)

Steve Callahan and Matt Montgomery (who are engaged) join the Trailblazer Campaign (above). Keep reading for Jason Stuart's entry as well...

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Water Sports Comments (1)

As seen in Vman (Summer 2011), various water-borne athletes as seen by Matthew Scrivens:


View With A Room Comments (0)

I thought this perfectly framed view into an empty room was kind of interesting—the lights were on all night. Looks lonely, no?

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Guydar X 22 Comments (2)

More after the jump...

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