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May 30 2011
Pop Quiz: Videos That Killed Comments (3)

For fun—and without checking the comments first—see how many of these (IMHO) striking images from '70s and '80s music videos you can ID.

Score yourself 5 points for getting the artist's exact name, score yourself 10 more for getting the song's exact title and score yourself 15 points for getting the exact year

There are a couple of gimmes, but most are challenging...










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May 27 2011
Worshiping At GaGa's Electric Chapel: Haus Music All Night Long Comments (25)

PreviewScreenSnapz001Little Monsters, Inc.

** Read the end of this post to see a sampling of the party's hottest guys **

Image001 I was invited to the Born This Way Haus Party—New York Edition last night at Angel Orensanz, an edgy art space in the East Village that was created from an 1840s synagogue about 20 years ago. It's the kind of thing that, but for a VIP invite, I'd have never gone to because I envisioned sheer madness, body-to-body traffic and drunken children.

But how wrong I was a blast and an inspired way (one of many) to plug what is shaping up to be 2011's best-selling album.

IMG_0542With the leaning tower of GaGa

254126_10150196567008432_691783431_7027631_7338676_nWith my Ga-gaggle of monsters

IMG_0648 The VIP line (and both lines, actually) took no time to get through. The facade was a striking contrast of bright and Goth (so GaGa), almost looking like a giant face with a gaping mouth. Inside, there was enough space in which to spread out, which I did along with my pal Angel Love (whose name could be a GaGa song) and his posse as well as pop genius Kari and IMG_0606 her boyf. The DJ—gay rapper Cazwell—played mostly GaGa tunes, but daringly worked in Madonna's "Vogue" as well as some Beyoncé and Katy Perry as a couple of shifts of go-go dancers flaunted most of what their parents gave them.



QuickTime PlayerScreenSnapz001Electric chapel

The lighting made the old building shimmer like an ancient cave with phosphorescent moss. I was particularly taken with a diptych of a GaGa skull and a cross that were projected over the go-go stages.

IMG_0564Born this gay is how I felt at the straight beer bar I entered prior to GaGa in my concert tee

Loved all the GaGa signage; if I were 22 and this were Madonna, I'd have spent the night figuring out how to discreetly steal it all. Even the stairs were decorated with GaGa tape (police-style). 


IMG_0571Wait, did GaGa have an new album come out or something?

Art011 I spent more than half the time downstairs, where a wall covered by stand-ups emblazoned with the words "BORN THIS WAY" was being used for handwritten messages to the diva.

They also had a temporary tattoo station, which was strangely ignored.

Most fun (and reminiscent of a similar photo op at her Radio City concert a while back) was the motorcycle used for fans to pose on for pictures. A really cute guy in full makeup that reminded me a bit of Joyce DeWitt's style also presented me with a print made on a tiny, hand-held printer after having shot it on his smartphone and e-mailed it to the printer. Jesus, when we were 22, we had promo posters and album flats.





QSerhan is the easy rider at the bottom (literally)

IMG_0577 I met some fun people at the bike. First was a sexy and flirty Turk named Serhan, who tipsily cavorted on the two-wheeler with his friend even with no one taking their picture at first. He wanted to know my name and the blog's name, but I'm not sure he'll remember it. Anyway, he was adorable.

I also had a hyper chick plop down on my lap on the bike and clasp hands with me as if we were driving no-handed. "He's interesting! I want his phone number!" she said of me. It's the closest my dick's been to a female ass unless you count the caboose on this short foot fetishist I once knew.




IMG_0556The writing's on the wall

Zxc Downstairs, I chatted with a member of GaGa's team about behind-the-scenes instances that proved her utter sincerity on LGBT issues to him and about her alarming indefatigability. (She'd been semi-expected to make a surprise appearance, but since she had to wake up at 4 a.m. for her—terrific!—Good Morning America performance, she wound up tweeting she was going to sleep around midnight, causing lots of people to take off.) I got the impression "The Edge of Glory" and "Yoü and I" are shu-ins for proper single releases.

Fashion Statements:




Voyeur that I am, I tried asking lots of people to pose for me, which they did happily. I would say it was fun...but not nearly as fun as stealing their souls photographically, of which I did a bit, too. (See the end of this post for tons of cuteness, which is what I aim for.)


IMG_0574 As the night wore on and the place got more free-liquored up, it was interesting to see which songs got the best reactions. I think "The Edge of Glory" and particularly "Hair" blew everything else away, though it's clear "Government Hooker" is far more appreciated by others than by moi. (I can't imagine it would be a single, but it seems destined for a slate of club mixes.)

I finally tore myself away around 12:30, leaving me to figure out how to get home from the different time zone that is the Far East (Village). On my way out, I passed several GaGamobiles.

IMG_0649Step on the Ga-gas!

What a tight marketing team this chick has, and what a fun promotion this turned out to be...even without her!

Now, check out my picks for some of the cutest boys at the event:

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