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May 17 2011
Lemon Joy, or Born This Black Comments (0)


CNN anchor Don Lemon dazzled in his coming-out interview on Joy Behar's show, mixing seriousness with humor.

On his coming out affecting other anchors coming out:

"Every little bit helps...drip, drip, drip...everything helps. I'm not saying they should. It would be great if they did, quite honestly."

On how other famous people could come out, even without a book:

"Just tweet it...I think it's just important to live your own truth in your own being in your own life and if someone asks you in an interview or in any format, just say, 'Yes, next question.'"

On whether being out betrays a bias:

"I can talk about President Obama and be objective and I'm a black man...I don't think just because I'm gay that it takes my brain away or it makes me not be objective."

On homophobia in the black community:

"In black culture, the worst thing you can be, really, is a gay man, right? A gay black man. That's the worst thing you can be. So you're afraid that black women won't accept you, your family, the church, people you—and then, you know, every other gay person who's not black has to deal with the other things, but you have that, that whole thing and the church especially. You have to deal with that...I'm here to tell you, in the black community it's worse. And hopefully, it's getting better. Hopefully, people like me will make it better. But I think it's sort of the vestiges of, of discrimination and slavery and thinking that if you're gay, that you're effeminate or that you're not a man or that you're weaker...I'm not weak at all. So I just think that's, that's part of it and the black community especially needs to get over that...I was born gay just as I was born black."

More of Dazzling Don on Joy's show here.



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