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May 16 2011
Male Trouble Comments (8)


New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser is a sorry excuse for a human being, which is 090208_book news why her vitriolic new column slamming Chaz Bono as a sorry excuse for a man is so ironic—and so offensive.

Peyser's take-away from the Chaz media blitz (I highly doubt she even watched Becoming Chaz, though she seems to have watched Bono's Letterman stint):

"Chastity grew into a depressed, pill-popping woman, traumatized by her Republican father's death in a skiing accident, and overshadowed into invisibility by her gay-icon mother. There was only one thing to do. Sex change."

Peyser willfully overlooks Bono's lifelong transformation from girly-girl to a much butcher female, something that is backed up by her family in Becoming Chaz. Bono is able to articulate his feelings—he waited 40 years before feeling ready for surgical and hormonal intervention—with remarkable candor, yet Peyser can only view him through the lens of his parents' fame.

Peyser's ignorance is to be expected, but as a journalist, her serial mistakes (and, let's be honest, more than a few are probably not mistakes but intentional twists of the truth) are pretty shocking.

She asserts that Chaz's girlfriend is a lesbian (she's not—she's bisexual...there's a big difference!), she confuses gender-identity issues with not having a busier schedule ("...messing with one's gender identity is a reasonable choice for folks who, let's face it, might benefit from day jobs") and she makes an anonymous post at DataLounge the core of her article about how Bono is "a real drag" for the gay community.

Quoting DataLounge is like quoting from the comments section of any online newspaper or quoting a Facebook friend's friend. How is that a quorum on how the gay community views Chaz Bono?

Williamson_2008_Mayor-MRBHenderson, right, with Mayor Bloomberg, mocks Chaz Bono's appearance

She does go on to quote Williamson Henderson, founder of the Stonewall Veterans' Association, as glibly saying:

"Chaz B's appearance and persona is now male. He's in drag! Paraphrasing an appropriate Britney Spears song, 'He's more than a woman but not quite a man.'"

Ugh, this man's comment is all the more troubling considering his position in a gay group and all he's done for gay rights over the years—and his knowledge of Britney Spears lyrics is embarrassing...stick to Judy, baby, stick to Judy. (Read more about Henderson here if you can get past, "William Lee Henderson V ('WLH') was born with platinum blond hair and crystal blue eyes under the zodiac sign of Libra...")

Peyser concern-trolls by mentioning that the American Psychiatric Association considers transgendered people to have "a 'mental' disorder." I think the definition of a mental disorder is believing that Chaz Bono publicly transitioning from female to male after decades of misery and discomfort, in the best way he knows how, is somehow him touting gender-reassignment methods as "a magic cure for one's problems [that] won't help kids struggling with their parents, their bodies and their sexuality."

I really hope Chaz Bono gets a chance to fire back at Peyer's smugly misinformed article.

SafariScreenSnapz001The DataLounge post that started it all

But in the meantime, while I think confusion about people with gender-identity issues is natural, the nasty way in which so many (anonymous, of course) gay commenters at DataLounge addressed it is further proof that gay people can be just as dumb, ill-informed and self-centered as straight people given half a chance. Again and again on the board, people wrote how transgendered people are just "messed up," had bad childhoods, can't come to terms with what they really are—as if many straight people don't think the same thing about any guy who would actually want to suck another guy's cock. Pathetic.




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