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Jun 21 2011
Drunk Tweeting Comments (10)

I'm not usually a fan of jumping down someone's throat when they've just DIED and shit, but I have to give thumbs up to Roger Ebert's tweet regarding the drunk-driving death of Ryan Dunn. His original tweet just said "friends don't let jackasses drive drunk"—and that's what happened, and he killed with his drunk driving (not just himself). It was perhaps insensitive, but for those who say it's "too soon," isn't it actually "too late?"

I can see the grieving Dunn family and friends reacting negatively to this, but if I were his friend, I'd be like Tom Hanks's actor son Colin, who tweeted more sympathetically and yet still said he was "mad" and "disappointed."

Ebert is not the villain in this picture. It would be MUCH harsher to, say, heap scorn on someone who dies of a heart attack after a lifetime of poor eating habits, or someone who commits suicide. This is more akin to someone who kills someone and then one handles those cases with kid gloves, either.

I do see both sides, though, and I do think it's tragic.



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