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Jun 30 2011
Bullchic Comments (9)

"Countess" Luann de Lesseps is disgusting and useless, so this song/video for "Chic C'est La Vie" are a good match. How grotesque is it that it reminds me of Madonna's "Celebration" (and makes that fun, forgettable track sound like Lennon/McCartney)?

This isn't even giggly camp, it's just cynically bad. If you like this, you're an idiot and be gone with you...!

Yer OUT! Comments (0)

Three guys' heterosexuality was what cost their team the 2008 Gay Softball World Series. You gotta love The New York Times for selecting this particular shot to illustrate the story.

For Those About To Rock, W.E. Salute You Comments (39)

Madonna's next album is shaping up to be very rocky indeed if these rumors are true. Promising!

The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game Comments (0)

...well, not exactly, since he wasn't caught banging a middle-schooler. But nonetheless, there is some irony in opening National Enquirer (July 11, 2011) to discover that To Catch A Predator's Chris Hansen has been nabbed on film arriving to and leaving an extra-marital session with a fellow reporter.

But hey, at least he wasn't asking her to have sex with her cat.

OK!, If You Say So... Comments (6)

GREAT picture of Madonna with Lola and Material Girl spokesperson Kelly Osbourne in OK! (July 11, 2011). I realize Kelly O. is a Madonna buff and LGBT rights supporter—kudos—but to read Madonna noting her "edgy, cool" and "unique sense of style" is nonetheless a bit of a horse pill for me. I can't get past the reality TV past and lack of any real there there.

Prop Goes The World Comments (2)

Yvonne_craig_as_batgirl_01 Premiere Props has an interesting-looking auction happening July 30 and 31 in El Segundo, California.
Not only do they have Michael Jackson's Swarovski crystal glove from the Thriller era (how many of these things are there? It seems to come up all the time and always sell for lots!), one of Britney's Live from Las Vegas coats (who says the empress has no clothes?) and Robert Redford's Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid hat, it's got Yvonne Craig's original Batgirl suit. Am I crazy for thinking the latter is the best thing on the list?

The Stage Is Set Comments (5)

Check out the difference between Us Weekly (July 11, 2011) and National Enquirer (July 11, 2011) in their coverage of the news that Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka plan to get married. Us notes they're "Excited to Wed!" while NE decides their wedding is something that takes "Staging." Like a stunt.


Consider It Broughten Comments (1)

This bitch is not fooling around.


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