What A Body Of Work Liz Lemon, Please Fire This Douche 

Jun 10 2011
Lukewarm At Best Comments (8)

SafariScreenSnapz001 God, I hope this isn't followed by Madonna covering "Toxic," but here's Britney Spears chirping "Burning Up." (Rather unconvincingly, I'd say.) I dunno, it's an awfully gritty lyric for the Stock Aiken Waterman-esque production it's got here. (It kinda takes a "Mickey" by Toni Basil turn, too.) It's also hard for me to take seriously someone claiming they have no shame and will do anything...as long as the conservatorship signs off.

She apparently intends to do it on tour, and I suppose the speak-singing arrangement would come in handy.

I'm not a fan of Britney, so...Britney fans? Is this hot or tepid?




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