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Jun 27 2011
Madonna & Prints Revisited Comments (4)

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(No reposting without permission. Originals are sharp and in focus.)

I used to own an incredible archive of original Madonna portraits by Richard Corman, a gifted and well-known shooter who had access to her in the earliest part of her career because his mother Cis was Barbra Streisand's producing partner. She told him, "You've got to shoot this girl—she's going to be a star," so he did. And, soon after, she was.

Richard shot Madonna in her apartment and on the roof, he shot her on the streets of the Lower East Side and he would go on to do rarely seen studio shoots of her for Per Lei Magazine and of her and the cast of Desperately Seeking Susan. He also shot Madonna with her best friend and roommate, the late Martin Burgoyne.

The images:

#1 shows Madonna posing as a modern-day Cinderella as part of a test shoot for an updated movie version of the story that Cis Corman hoped to get Barbra Streisand interested in. Imagine Madonna as an Alphabet City Cinderella with Streisand calling the shots? This image is special to me. I own a unique, oversized print that watches me do all my work. I sincerely think it's more beautiful than most of Madonna's most iconic early-years images, and had Richard commercialized it, it would be as familiar to us as the True Blue cover. 

#2 is one of my favorites of all of Richard's work for its textures and Madonna's completely unique mood in the photo.

#3 is a uniquely vulnerable image of Madonna in her first New York apartment. When Richard arrived to shoot her, she was looking down at him as he made his way up the stairs and he told me he was immediately transfixed by her cat eyes. A similar shot graced the cover of New York Magazine.

#4 shows Madonna in her apartment looking like an Italian statue—again, I really feel Richard captured so many expressions that were not stock expressions that Madonna would repeat throughout her career. When he was done shooting her that first time, she gave him a tape to listen to. He popped it in when he got home and was blown away by the unreleased tracks. He called her right up and said, "Hey, you're really good," and she said, "I know." This image was used on the cover of Out Magazine.

The photographer created the above four digital, archival prints in limited editions of 25, all signed and numbered by Richard Corman himself. The photographs were originally shot square and I preserved that by keeping the sizes 12"X12" images on 13"X19" paper. The price is $750/print or $2,500 if you buy all four. Prints of this nature are usually offered at higher rates (and early, uncommon Madonna is quite desirable). Corman sells some of his Madonna work now and it's pricier.



If I spend less than the stated amount on shipping, I will refund the difference.

I will not be extending this edition, nor will I come back to these images once they're sold out, making them—in my opinion—a sound investment as well as absolutely lovely pieces of art.

**E-mail me at to check on availability, then I will immediately issue you a PayPal invoice or you can arrange to pay by check or money order.


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