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Jun 29 2011
My Vanity Fair Lady Comments (7)

Madonna vanity fair outtake meisel 1991 1

Somehow, 20 years after the fact, fabulous (and mostly never-before-seen) Sex and Truth or Dare/Meisel's Vanity Fair-era shots are leaking. More are over at the invaluable Madonna Scrapbook.

How does this happen? Here is my theory:

Madonna-outtakes-steven-meisel-sexbook-sheet Guy Oseary signed off on some official Madonna prints (which required people to send images for consideration), and has been for years working on a Fabien Baron-designed photo book containing rare Madonna images. Clearly, somewhere along the line, the scanned images are being leaked, either by someone around the photographer (um, Steven Klein has someone near him who apparently leaks everything the man's ever shot) or within Madonna's camp. Or both. (Click on image at left to enlarge.)

In this specific case, as the images are blurry, I'd guess they might've been snapped on a cellphone off a computer screen after they were sent lo-res to someone to consider for use. That, or the person leaking them wants to torture all of us idiots who don't have good-quality copies of our own.

But regardless,  these are not gems fans have been sitting on forever and ever and suddenly decided to leak.




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