Coming Of Rage Signs Of The Times 

Jun 24 2011
Please Don't Say You're Sorry Comments (1)

Via Towleroad: Former RNC chairman (and George W. Bush's campaign manager) Ken Mehlman, who came out as gay last year after presiding over a tsunami of anti-gay Mehlmanap state constitutional amendment votes and an outspokenly anti-gay Republican agenda attended Gawker's gay-pride party on Wednesday. According to "Gatecrasher," he was "actually well received by the crowd," with someone being quoted as saying, "There were tons of media types here, and some came up to me saying 'I'm happy he's here.'"

Let me get this straight—Mehlman not only supports a party whose stance on gay issues is unequivocally "ANTI," not only does so while being closeted, sits idly by while state constitutions are being voted on and amended to codify anti-gay discrimination (which drew out homophobes and helped beat back Democrats), and now that he's an uber-rich free agent who is in favor of marriage equality, he's welcomed with "open arms?"

I don't get it. I don't believe him when he says he has real regret about what he did or about staying silent in the first place. I think he wanted to be rich and successful and have power, he did that, now he can do whatever else he wants—which is apparently advocate for marriage equality while still supporting candidates who are not just weakly opposed to it (as President Obama is, I know, I know! what a monsterrrrr!) but who are adamantly opposed to it and probably in support of a slew of other anti-gay beliefs.

I saw him at Industry in NYC and was sick that he was there and embarrassed that he felt comfortable being there. GOProud? He should still be GOAshamed or should GOAway.



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