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Jul 29 2011
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SafariScreenSnapz002 Went to NYC's Museum of Sex last night for a (slip 'n') slide show presented by Days of the Cougar author Liz Earls. Earls has a story we can all relate to, quitting her job at 39 and her existence as a fat stay-at-home mom in order to traverse the country in search of multiple sex partners on a daily basis. Wait, you can't relate to that? Well, all the more reason to flip through her book, which is packed with remembrances of memorable encounters, all of which are documented by her unglamorous photography. Buy it!

1The closest I've been to a boob! My mom didn't even breastfeed me!

IMG_1179 After looking at pictures of the unspeakable fun her compulsive behavior seems to have brought raining down upon her, I approached for my autographed copy. I got to see my old pal Dian Hanson (the book's editor, a key element in the documentary Crumb and a sexual adventuress in her own right), who quickly told me Earls was unlike anyone she'd ever met. Dian's met every type of person there is, so this was quite the intro. I had to give props to a woman who rims, which Earls certainly does. In her book, no less.


Earls was very sweet, signing my book with a proposition involving her latest fave sexual apparatus—her strap-on. Then both ladies attempted to blonde-sandwich me into switching teams. (Dian's written plea not to give in to Liz is really funny. She knows I'm the squarest person who's ever worked in porn.)

What do you think—is picking up young men in Times Square and photographing yourself wearing their semen art, or just an antidote for a boring Thursday?

P.S. Dian's next book is a follow-up to her mega-successful The Big Penis Book—you guessed it, The Big Book of Pussy! I asked her the question you may have, and don't worry—it's decidedly not the The Book of Big Pussy. Even gay guys have to know that is a key difference.




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