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Jul 31 2011
You're History Comments (12)

The first four official stills from Madonna's W.E. are devoted exclusively to the historical half of the film. More below, all via here...

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Barely Legal Comments (1)

Maybe the (biggest but not only) reason it seems so impossible to ever look like one of these models I see all the time is that they're secretly all 18:


3 Girls 3 Comments (5)

A rather bizarre trio from Globe (August 8, 2011): Little House on the Prairie's Alison Arngrim (her book is amazing! read it!), Catwoman Julie Newmar and Birds-brained (she's an animal-rights heroine) Tippi Hedren.

I think this requires a caption I'm unwilling to supply.

You Must Be Puddin' Me On! Comments (5)

Those pudding ads are so fucking disturbing!

Signs Of The Times Comments (0)


Starry-Eyed: Brandon Rubendall Comments (1)

I feel like such a schmuck taking pictures of sexy dancer Brandon Rubendall instead of saying, "Hi, Brandon!" since I have met him! But whenever I'm on the street, I just seem to register hotness coming at me and don't realize until later it was him. Next time, Brandon, I will raise my hand to say hullo instead of raising my iPhone in a photographic, "Hi, how YOU doin'!"

ZOOM!—The Heat Is Off Comments (7)

Does anyone remember when Madonna was going to direct a movie version of the acclaimed play Blade to the Heat? I remember I was at the Public (where it had played) and I bought this poster (now seen hanging in my kitchen) of the play's star Kamar de los Reyes.

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Guydar X 7 Comments (1)

More after the jump...

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Jul 30 2011
Guydar: Tying One On Comments (0)


Starry-Eyed: Betsey Johnson Comments (4)

Spotted the always delightful Betsey Johnson in Times Square this week with her Cast-of-threes-company amour. I kinda thought they looked how Jack and Chrissy would look if they'd gotten rid of Janet and settled down together (like you always knew they wanted to do).

Her man got peeved by a comment made by one of those UBEROBNOXIOUS guys standing around asking, "Do you like comedy???" I am totally on his side no matter what was said because I know from daily experience that they get ridiculous. One black guy says to me when I blow him off, "It's okay not to like black people."

Stalkerazzi video of Betsey after the jump...

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