Swimmers' Build Rihannawannabe 

Jul 22 2011
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So ultimately, Dan Choi is an idiot after all—so disenchanted with President Obama and "his fawning gay elites" (gee, he really fits right in with that GOProud crowd he cozied up to), he's now saying he likes Gary Johnson because he's much stronger on civil rights than Obama.


So...a Republican contender who refused to sign a beyond-the-pale conservative tract so vile that only Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum would touch it is much stronger on civil rights than President Obama, the guy who just happily certified the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell?

Choi may not be an idiot, which I realize is harsh, so much as he's just plain crazy. But whichever, it is abundantly clear that while he is passionately for gay rights unconditionally, he's also a phony progressive who's gone out of his way to conceal his conservatism.

Yes, you can be conservative and gay. But don't tell me that gay rights is a huge priority to you if you're going to be a conservative because no one on that side (would Fred Karger pass muster as a "conservative" among more than a fraction of his party?) is in favor of gay rights in general; even the most "liberal" right-wingers pale in comparison to the things President Obama has not only talked about doing (and his words do matter) but has done.

Is Gary Johnson against DOMA? (No.) Would he have advocated even to the extent Obama did to get rid of Don't Ask, Don't Tell? Is he pro-marriage equality, something Obama still isn't despite alluding to an eventual change of mind? (No. He's only pro-civil unions, like Obama.) And he has "less than zero" chance of getting the nomination.

Ridiculous. And disappointing.




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