This Old Thing? Do As I $ay, Not As I Do 

Aug 11 2011
Dan Choi: "I'm not a superman." Comments (0)

Dan Choi visits The Six Pack and discusses various topics, including his recently SafariScreenSnapz001 becoming ordained as a minister. (He's a born-again Christian but seems to refer to his ministry quite irreverently.)

On whether one of the first legal New York same-sex weddings might've been as emotional for the minister performing it as for the couple being joined in matrimony:

"I think so. I think for all of us who've been working so hard, we wanted that moment to say, 'We're finally equal in this aspect.'"

Lt-dan-choiThe six pack...before

On his status as a sex symbol:

"[Uproarious laughter] Well, I don't have a six pack anymore, I'm sad to say. So if that's what you're lookin' for—I know that's a major standard in the gay community...When I go back to the military, though, then I'll have, definitely will be doing enough sit-ups that 'll have a six pack, so I'll have to get back to you then."

Choi says he plans to rejoin the military once he settles his pending court case and settles the matter of the $3K discharge debt the U.S. government wants him to repay. Awkward jokes about porn sites aside, he's hoping not to have to pay that money, and says of contacting President Obama:

"I still hold out hope. I wrote to him and his [then] LGBT liaison Brian Bond and I have gotten nothing..."

Choi facetiously takes on the talking point that President Obama is the best president in history on gay issues, mocking him by saying that he's definitely better than George Washington. That is funny, but...what about George W. Bush? Or even Bill Clinton? Lets keep it recent.

PreviewScreenSnapz001Cherry tree-picking history

Finally, and most interestingly, Choi addresses his nervous breakdown—calling it that—very bluntly:

"I'm not a superman. I think the message to any activist or any yooung college kid who is thinking about being an activist or just realizing that they're gay, and they think that they have to have a, you know, a superhuman quality to do this—I'm just a regular guy."

It's an interesting, if friendly, interview. I'd have asked him how he feels about his pals at GOProud adding gleefully anti-equality zealot Ann Coulter to their advisory board, which may in fact have happened after Six Pack spoke to him. I continue to have very mixed feelings about Choi. I'm off the Choi Express, as I've said in another post, but he's not wrong about most of what he ever protests. Still, I feel there are many areas in which to disagree with him or even mistrust his intentions without outright rejecting him, and without being one of the douchebags who routinely insults him on Twitter.



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