Forbidden Love He Baird All 

Aug 16 2011
Househusband's Dramatic Exit Comments (3)

Russell Armstrong, the abusive husband from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills who everyone loved to hate, apparently hated himself even more—he has committed suicide.

It's such a shocking twist of events. Apparently, his estranged wife, Tayor, hadn't even informed any of her co-stars/friends or Bravo, who read about it like everyone else this morning on TMZ.

I feel really bad for their family, and I am also wondering how this will affect these shows, which are addictive and sometimes harmless but which I'm sure will come under scrutiny for amplifying attention on a person who clearly was not mentally stable. (And he can't be the only one on those shows who was this fragile, if you've watched any of them.)

Will this cast a chill over the Real Housewives franchise, or be chalked up to, "What are you gonna do?"

P.S. The little witch who snarkily tried to correct TMZ, telling them he "hung" himself was correct, not he "hanged" himself is (1) totally wrong and (2) such a great example of a useless human being.



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