Calling BS Dotted Line 

Aug 09 2011
Million-Dollar Mazel Comments (5)

Bravo exec and on-air personality (to say the least!) Andy Cohen will reportedly earn a low seven-figure advance for a memoir on his life, career and decision to be out in the media. See, kids? It's not always a minus to be honest.

AndydanielcraigCan I skip to this chapter???

And if we're being honest, I honestly love that he is insisting he'll write every word of it himself and I hoep he does. I've worked on more than one extremely high-profile ghost-writing project and I can tell you from experience—almost NO celebrity book projects are self-written. Many are barely even directed/approved by the stars. This includes people you would think could write, though the ones I've worked on would not particularly floor anyone. (No, I didn't write for Barack Obama.)

Anyway, congrats to Andy. I'll be curious to read it.



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