A Little Behind Today Outtake Me, I'm Yours 

Aug 15 2011
Smarm Schooled Comments (4)

Alg_bush_perry_mirrorGetty Images; New York Daily News photo illustration

This illustration stands alone (as does this one!), but it makes for a great accessory to Mike Lupica's take-down of Rick Perry, the latest in a series of remarkably dumb people attempting to win the Republican nomination. He just might outdo them all, though, in the smarminess department.

Lupica writes:

"Perry is taller, has much better hair, seems to believe he has an even better pipeline to God than Bush did. And he comes out of Paint Creek, Tex., different from the Texas town that gave us Bush, the one we also know as Yale University.

"Whether Dubya Perry is holier than Michele Bachmann, the new President of Ames, Iowa, remains to be seen. For now, though, Perry and Bachmann are the headliners of the moment in the Republican Party. Barack Obama must be rooting like crazy for both of them, at the beginning of a campaign where fringe Republicans might do a better job of saving Obama than he can of saving himself."

He doesn't let President Obama off the hook (and even works in a side-splitter about irrelevant ol' John McCain), saying O deserves to be challenged on a variety of issues and his handling of the jobs, er, situation. But he wraps it up saying:

"Challenged by whom? You better believe the Republicans have Obama right where they want him. But the candidates everybody is talking about today are Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, the second coming of Dubya. Both of them acting like God likes them best. God help their party. And the rest of us, for that matter."




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