Forget Her Nice-Looking Chaps, All Of Them 

Sep 15 2011
Don't Make A Federal Case Out Of It Comments (3)

Next Issue 19.12 - Sep 16
Dustin Lance Black tells Next that he doesn't believe his J. Edgar Hoover biopic J. Edgar was degayed by Clint Eastwood:

"Clint and the studio never cut or changed a word, they never had a note about it. Clint said some things that were so incredibly moving that he understood the struggle young gays go through today. If anything, Clint made it even more human and universal."

Even more interesting is his response when asked who he'd like to attend the upcoming staged reading of his Proposition 8 play 8:

"Who would I love to have in the audience?" he muses. "If anyone could be there and really listen, I would give my left arm to have President Obama sitting front and center. To see what it is we’re fighting for, and why it’s important something be done about itnow. And Marcus Bachmann. It’s time he see that it’s okay to be gay. I mean that for the kids he’s supposedly helping and for himself. President Obama and Bachmann in the front row. What more do I need?"

One more shot of the increasingly muscly Black after the jump...




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