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Sep 30 2011
K.Y. Hero! Comments (19)

AcrobatScreenSnapz001Assy Noll—Kip was the ultimate twink

Porn fixture (sounds like a dildo chair?) J.C. Adams is coming out with a new book 20964 with Bruno Gmunder that should turn heads and give some, too—Gay Porn Heroes is a lavishly illustrated coffee-table book exulting in the most memorable porn stars of all time.

Using iconic images (he was able to get permission for quite a variety), he memorializes some of the names we've all come to know and dirty-love, from Dick Fiske to Bill Henson to Kris Lord to the Bel Ami boys to Reese Rideout.

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Forest Fire Comments (4)

Via The Sword: I missed this press release, but apparently celebrated pimp talent manager David Forest is about to release a tell-all:

"If he slept with Ryan Idol and Ken Ryker, he has no reason to hide it ... If David Geffen only wanted boys that would bare back … Forest is going to tell the true story…If Geffen had Forest send boys to his buddies (Calvin Klein, Sandy Gallin and Barry Diller) … the details will be written about.  If Shaun Cassidy and Forest didn’t fool around when Forest produced Cassidy’s Aquarius Theatre show … the truth will be told. If Benny Medina (Will Smith’s partner/lover) was a Forest Ranger (the hot Beverly Hills boys, from 1973-77, that came to Forest’s Fun Production concerts and parties) … the fun facts will be revealed."

It blows my mind that The Sword was most focused on whether or not Forest may have slept with the hustling porn stars he repped...I mean, of course, wouldn't anyone in that situation? I thought that would be part of the deal? To me, the shocking stuff is casually saying Will Smith and Benny Media are partners and outing Shaun Cassidy.

Should be more of a page turner than a Republican congressman.

Jimmy, Jimmy Comments (3)

In remembrance of James Dean—a brilliant gay artist who died 56 years ago today way too soon—a collection of some of the most memorable pictures taken of him...

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Team Jacob Comments (3)

The A-List: New York's Rodiney Santiago seems to be a big fan of The Twilight Saga, but it's not blood he sucks.

"That Really Does Bug You, Doesn't It? That I Might Have A Loyal Friend In This World!" Comments (5)

For the first time ever, something of Joan Crawford's performance on The Secret Storm—when she infamously filled in for her sick daughter, Christina—has come to light: Full audio! It's not as interesting as seeing footage, but it gives an indication that she seemed to know her lines despite some halting deliveries.

After the jump, you can hear Joan about 45 seconds into part two...

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Garcon Crazy Comments (5)

Chris Evans's tattoed biceps are captured in minute detail by the good folks at A Cause des Garcons. This is from a new movie called Puncture, which is based on a true story. Not—I know, I know—based on the true story of his living with a roommate whose ass is amazing. :0(

Galluping Away Comments (0)

A gentle reminder from Daily Kos that polls are almost meaningless this early on. (This is a lesson Trump, Cain,  Bachmann and Perry have already learned.)

After Dark Special #1 Comments (7)

Pop160October 1978

The first in a series of flashback scans from old issues of After Dark. This ad comes from the October 1978 issue. I couldn't find a "423 Syminton" in Key West anymore.

UPDATE: Thanks, you're right—it's (somehow) a typo for "Siminton." So here is 423 Siminton at 33040 today:



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