Nice-Looking Chaps, All Of Them Eden Wood...But Should She? 

Sep 15 2011
Once I Had A Top-Secret Love Comments (2)

J. Edgar Hoover would be busting a nut in his grave if he knew luscious Armie Hammer was playing his real-life lover (let's face it) Clyde Tolson in J. Edgar. In Details (October 2011), Hammer says of the Clint Eastwood-directed/Dustin Lance Black-penned flick:

"It wasnt the gay aspect I had a hard time with. When I first read the script, it didn't make sense why Clyde would stay around—because 99 percent of the time he's just taking abuse. But then it was explained to me. When you get that little glimmer of hope—like Tolson did—that simple kiss on the forehead, it all seems worth it and you stay."

Kind of like how I'll continue holding out hope Hammer is gay and loves men twice his age even though he's married to a woman and waxes nostalgic in the magazine about his 10-day-long bachelor party.

Great, hi-res pix to follow...




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