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Sep 01 2011
'65 Love Affair Comments (14)

SafariScreenSnapz007Rowdy Roddy

With thanks to David: A YouTube user has (rather generously—he could probably license this material quite handily!) uploaded a slew of private, silent, color home movies that he got from the late Roddy McDowall (above). Shot in '65, the footage is a who-was-who of Hollywood.

The user, Luke Sacher, plans a Hollywood 1965 documentary. I sure hope it gets made...sounds great:

The stars in the footage include Jane Fonda:


...Sal Mineo (+ hot piece...who is he? Looks SO GUILTY!), which is interesting considering Mineo's lover Courtney Burr's reflections on McDowall's rather nasty actions after Mineo's stabbing death:


P.S. This is not Bobby Sherman, I'm convinced—but he's that type. Who is he? Kinda David Nelson-ish (but not him either) UPDATE: Experts are claiming to me it's definitely Sherman (WHERE IS HIS CHIN CLEFT?), who wrote about going to beach parties with these people and was involved with Mineo at the time. I think his face looks very different from Sherman's but they're the experts:

PreviewScreenSnapz001Close but no cigar (Sherman in '65 vs. Blondie boy)

...Rock Hudson:


...Natalie Wood:

...Hope Lange (+ hot piece):

...Julie Andrews:

...Paul Newman & Lauren Bacall:

...Ben Gazzara:


...Robert Wagner:


...these hot pieces:



...and many, many more!

Of them all, I did manage to meet Roddy McDowall, whose passion for photography was more than a hobby; it was at a book signing of his in Chicago, post-Fright Night, so probably around 1989. He was nice, but a bit wide-eyed (I was a hot piece back then, so maybe...?) and thanked me sincerely when I told him I thought his shots of Elizabeth Taylor were outstanding. I recall he had a giant red nose, sadly. And yes, he died very young. And was said to have been nicer to some than to others.



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