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Oct 24 2011
It Doesn't Take A Supra-Genius To Doubt This Texas-Sized Tall Tale Comments (10)

I hadn't ever heard about Rick Perry's story of gunning down a coyote while jogging, but if you read all the particulars and don't think his story's full of more holes than Rick-Perry-with-gunhe claims he put in that animal, you wouldn't make a very good journalist, cop or, well, curious person.

Perry claims he was jogging with his dog when a coyote menaced them. So he shot the coyote in the shoulder—he carries a gun with hollow-tipped bullets while jogging because he's "afraid of snakes"—and "pretty much" killed it on the spot.

Experts claim it would be rather unusual for a coyote to be so aggressive (though not so unusual for a Texan Republican), but I was focusing more on the other details: He carries a gun while jogging? What did his dog do during this? Did the coyote die on the spot or not, because his wording was very vague?

Sounds like a tall tale designed to impress people with his macho-man cred.




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