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Oct 04 2011
Moving Target Comments (3)

Jason Wu's Target-exclusive line is dropping soon—but did we ever get clarification from HRC as to whether Target is really as gay-friendly as they say, or should still be avoided for its donations to right-wing political causes?

It feels like Lady Gaga's Target-exclusive CD was the only instance in which the gay community called someone for their affiliation with Target. Gloria Estefan faced the question briefly (and told us we hadn't researched as much as she had), nobody said a word to Ricky Martin (who was up Target's ass the same moment Gaga's ass was being handed to her)...and now Jason Wu.

Is it that Target has done something to win people over, or do gay people just really not like to rock the boat?

I know it can be hard maintaining a wall against a favorite corporation based on politics—my family shops at Target for sure. But I would like HRC to issue an updated statement on Target.



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