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Oct 16 2011
Zachary Quinto Goes Where Too Few Famous Men Have Gone Before Comments (17)


UPDATE: Quinto's blog entry on this subject is very powerful.

Zachary Quinto has come out as a gay man for the first time publicly, in the context of a New York Magazine interview. (Now if he will please not say, "I was always out, what are you talking about?" it will be perfection!)

I don't have a preference for how public figures do it—a splashy mainstream-mag cover, an Advocate interview, to head off an outing by a tabloid or a casual reference in New York Magazine. It's all good. And I think coming out in so many different ways is part of the point, that gayness is everywhere and is not homogeneous.

Good for you, Zachary Quinto. And good for us.


His statement, "We are terrified of facing ourselves"—that's powerful and insightful. Check out the second comment at Joe.My.God. for proof, "Some fem [sic] actor is not a big deal." Jesus, this "masc only" thing is poison in the gay community. Oh, and it's signed by, um, "Guest."



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