Start Spreading The News "You Want A Job, Don't You?" 

Nov 07 2011
His Wicked, Wicked Ways Comments (6)


UPDATE: That was fast; Ratner, who's supposed to produce the Oscars so came under more pressure than he might have normally, has apologized for not expressing himself better.

Brett Ratner, uberdouchebag director of Tower Heist, unleashed this gem when asked if he rehearses with his actors before shooting:

"Rehearsing is for fags."

As New York Magazine points out, so is his next dream project Wicked. But I doubt gay people have the collective spine to resist a movie version of Wicked, even if it were directed by Marcus Bachmann himself.

P.S. Interesting that his new movie stars Mr. Ironic Homophobia himself, Eddie Murphy. Also, note that I'm well aware I used the word myself two posts ago; I think the context is demonstrably different and humorous in an inclusive way, as opposed to Ratner using it to mean something dismissive. But fire away if you disagree.



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