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Nov 30 2011
Twisted Sister Comments (1)

Globe (December 12, 2011) is showing its true colors in a gross article by Shelby Loosch. In what is essentially just a summary of the new memoir by Judy Collins, in which she says she was more than just frinedly with a few gals, the singer's bisexuality is framed as "twisted bisexual romps!"

Nowhere is there any mention of her doing anything that could be called twisted (she wasn't sleeping with her sister, stealing someone's husband just for kicks, seducing a minor, etc.), so the only thing "twisted" is the fact that some were with women.

Just blatantly anti-gay.

She Saw The Signs, And They Opened Up Her Eyes Comments (14)


In Star (December 12, 2011), we're treated to the latest in the so-phony-it-hurts Kardashian Drama—Kim says her soon-to-be-ex Kris Humphries is gay.

More interestingly, check out the actual article, which has a page noting what the signs were that Kris might be gay...

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Such Sweet Sorrow Comments (9)

Parting Glances is my favorite LGBT movie (and might be my all-time favorite movie, period)—that's not news to Boy Culture readers. But it was news to me that Bruce Vilanch and a host of others chose it as their fave LGBT flick, too. Click here to see all the others with excellent taste.

Not-So-Secret 'Stache Comments (1)


Via Sticky (NSFW): Check out Tarik Kaljanac, whose poses are enough to grow hair on your upper lip. (Or not—he looks good barefaced, too.)

Beginning To Win Awards Comments (2)


Mike Mills grants an interview to Nathaniel at Film Experience about his excellent film Beginners. My thoughts on the film are here.

To Nathaniel, Mills recounts writing and directing a film mirrored after his own experience with a father who came out as gay as a senior citizen:

"I'm very happy to remember my dad. It's not like a painful thing. Even his death and even his illness and all of that, we had a lot of great times around that. We had more closeness than we had ever had. So most of the stuff I'm showing you in the film are positive memories, things I enjoy being around. To be honest, most of the stuff with the dad... I pretty much wrote down things my father said to me to the best of my memory. But by the time you've put it in a different place, you've put it into a larger fictional context, and you have Christopher saying it, I really don't go 'oh, that's my pop'. Do you know what I mean?"

Beginners just tied for best film with The Tree of Life at the Gotham Awards.

You Don't Have To Hold It—It's Not Gonna Fall Off! Comments (1)

Hella fine guy strips and touches it in public. I would never get work done if I lived near a beach.

After Dark Special #11 Comments (3)

Katherine_helmond_2011_c_pJust over 30 years ago, Soap star Katherine Helmond donned a diaphanous nightgown, squatted behind a nude man and plastered a shit-eating grin on her face for this After Dark shot by Kenn Duncan.

These days, she's 83 and still working in TV regularly.

Ends Of The World: Baker's Dozen Comments (1)

More after the jump...

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