Feet & Inches I Can't Believe We Ate (Almost) The Whole Thing 

Dec 26 2011
Happy Birthday, Jared Leto Comments (1)

Ageless (actually, he's 40 today) Jared Leto looks lithe and loony in New York (January 2—9, 2012). The piece correctly singles out the messianic flirtations of Leto and his band 30 Seconds to Mars. Leto says:

"I have this drive to help deliver all of us—me included—to a place where we can feel free."

Kudos to him for taking music seriously (he hasn't acted in a film in years), but I must say that when I saw the band do a fan gathering, it bordered on creepy. (And one of them gushing how Atlas Shrugged had changed his life didn't help me away from that feeling.) But I still wanted a picture with him.




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