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Jan 06 2012
Aging Report Comments (4)

FredericasagormaasTurning 111 this past July with a smile on her face

Frederica Sagor Maas has died at the beyond-ripe old age of 111. She was famous as Frederica-sagor-maasa film writer (she wrote Garbo's 1926 silent classic Flesh and the Devil, from which star Barbara Kent also just recently died) and memoirist.

See her hilariously trash-talking Joan Crawford here.

As fascinated as I've been of late with celebrities of yesteryear, I'd been researching oldest living film figures. Just yesterday, I discovered Maas was alive and looked up her memoir on eBay, thinking it would be a good follow-up to Baby Peggy's, which I recently finished. Having just discovered her, I wrote on my Facebook page a question I'm putting to you all as well.

I know there are no people left who were adults in silent movies, but: What is the oldest movie to have at least one surviving cast member? (I was thinking the 1921 short Her Circus Man or for full-length films Fool's Paradise from the same year, both of which featured Peggy. Which led me to ponder: Is no one alive who ever appeared in any films from the teens? And how many could be alive who ever appeared in a film from the '20s? Carla Laemmle is alive and kicking and appeared in 1925's The Phantom of the Opera.)

Regardless, I posted the tidbit about Maas being alive at 111 and sure enough she died.

FMaasSColes081410Not doing quite as well when turning 110

Reading up on her (remarkable woman!), I discovered there is a VERY devoted group of people who are fascinated by supercentenarians (anyone 110 or over). Found out that the last living child of slaves in America just died a year ago. Click here for tons of images of what being being 110+ looks like—some sweet, some bittersweet.

Reading some of their comments from when Maas turned 111 in July, one said something like, "I doubt she'll make it to 112. 111 separates the weak from the strong, and she looks weak." A bizarre hobby, it may seem, but then..aren't they all?




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