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Jan 17 2012
Gnomeo's Juliet Continues To Kvetch Comments (17)
Madonna-golden-globes-l1-637x358She who lahffs lahst!

With thanks to Johnny and Francois: David Furnish has fumed yet again over Madonna's Golden Globe with for "Masterpiece" to the New York Post, officially making this the most pointless snit ever:

“I think it was a fluke...When this happens you have to question the integrity of the awards. Did Madonna get the Golden Globe because she attended the awards and agreed be a presenter? Can you sing Madonna’s song? Can you hum it? It’s a song nobody has heard, from a film few have seen. The award should have gone to Mary J. Blige or Elton. I like Madonna’s music, but not her movies. She should stick to what she is good at.”

Hm. Well, she did win for the song, not the movie. But I'll grant him that "Masterpiece" is not exactly a song that's made a huge impact. Nor is "Hello Hello." And is it me, or does he seem to be revealing he (and his hubby) have experience in getting awards just for showing up?

On the topic of Madonna's lyrical contributions to songs (some of her haters have suggested she writes NOTHING and takes all the's pretty obvious that's not true if you listen to her work, for better and for worse!), here are Madonna's "Masterpiece" collaborators hemming and hawing (in an awestruck way) about working "with" her on their song (around the 5:40 mark):

Doesn't sound like she was all that hands-on. But then here is Richard Page, the writer of "I'll Remember" from With Honors, talking about his own experience working with Madonna, who "changed all my lyrics...for the better":



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