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Jan 31 2012
Sundance, Kids Comments (0)

Searching for sugar man main Searching for Sugar Man

 Here's my buddy Dan's annual wrap-up of everything he saw at Sundance this year. Every year, I swear I'll join him the following year...and then every year it comes and goes!

Click each of these to enlarge for easier reading...

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Dog Gone (For Now) Comments (0)

Ep 5 Thumbnail 2

The final episode of Web series Old Dogs & New Tricks is here...

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Covered Up Comments (1)


Flashing back to a time when magazine covers were designed like this—all blocky and basic!—and Susan Howard, Bruce Weitz and Pat Klous were considered good ways to sell an issue. Of course, a chest-exposing Jon-Erik Hexum still looks like he could move some copies. Just put that same image on anything but Cat Fancy and watch it fly off the shelves.

"It's YOUR Butt's Turn..." Comments (8)

Screen shot 2012-01-31 at 9.23.38 AMAh, to be young and in...either one of them!

Cute, increasingly buff Real World: Denver star/AfterElton correspondent Davis Mallory and his equally hot "boo" Tyrone apparently just moved in together and commemorated the occasion with this (perhaps too) unselfconscious, sexy video all about being in love (were you ever this in love?), having "bang-up sex," smoking weed, enjoying Burlesque and Anna Nicole Smith and battling over who gets to be called Daddy...

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Expert Of Panels Comments (15)


Now that we have seen a peek at her Super Bowl stage, I must say I'm in love with Madonna's MDNA cover, which was released via her official Facebook page—the colors are beautiful, it's a great Mert & Marcus shot and the paneling of the face and slashes through the lettering echo the paneling of her triptych single cover. Here are some instant images it reminds me of, though I like that it doesn't feel like a retread...

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Dunklemanning Up Comments (6)


Steve Jones has been Brian Dunklemanned from The X Factor after a season, along with Nicole Scherzinger. Paula Abdul up and quit.

Screen shot 2012-01-31 at 9.09.16 AM

Brazil Nuts Comments (0)


Via Sticky (NSFW): Made in Brazil never disappoints—they're never kidding around when they post pictures of guys. More like this here (NSFW).

WIN IT! The W.E. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack! Comments (61)


Enter to win the W.E. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack featuring Madonna's brand-new track "Masterpiece," winner of the 2012 Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song, and containing the original score by Abel Korzeniowski, plus a W.E. mini-poster!

I've got 5 soundtracks to give away. All you need to do to enter is comment this post with your favorite Madonna movie song of all time and why; I'll pick 5 of you at random to win on February 3 at 5PM EST + 3 more to win a mini W.E. poster!

The soundtrack is available digitally today.


More info on the film, which will be getting a post a day on this blog this week...

The Weinstein Company presents the Academy Award-nominated W.E.

A film by Madonna.

In Select Theaters February 3. Check your local listings.

W.E. tells the story of two fragile but determiend women—Wally Winthrop and Wallis Simpson—separated by more than six decades. In 1998, lonely New Yorker Wally Winthrop (Abbie Cornish) is obsessed with what she perceives as the ultimate love story: King Edward VIII's abdication of the British throne for the woman he loved, American divorcée Wallis Simpson. But Wally's research, including several visits to the Sotheby's auction of the Windsor Estate, reveals that the couple's life together was not as perfect as she thought. Weaving back and forth in time, W.E. intertwines Wally's journey of discovery in New York with the story of Wallis (Andrea Riseborough) and Edward (James D'Arcy), from the glamorous early days of their romance to the slow unraveling of their lives in the decades that followed.


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