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Jan 07 2012
After Dark Special #16 Comments (0)

An unfortunate detail inside After Dark (September 1980)—poor guy's life has been a wreck since then.

Jan 06 2012
Just The Way You Are Comments (8)

Kristy McNichol, the ultimate lesbian icon for many, is now literally a lesbian icon—she's officially come out of the closet. "Buddy" from Family tells People she's Kristy-mcnichol-4-440decided to be open about being with her partner Martie Allen for the past two decades in response to stories about bullying. She wants "to be open about who I am."

The casual nature of the photo and the low-key announcement makes this feel like a decision of conscience more than of commerce, the latter of which I'm not against but which sometimes bums out others who are critical that stars wait till a certain age then release a book to coincide with coming out.


Great news that she's through with the glass closet—this is going to tickle to death a lot of women around my age.

Boy Toy, Too Comments (3)

Screen shot 2012-01-06 at 5.14.00 PM
Sky Ferreira gets the full Madonna treatment in the next issue of V, doing a multitude of Ma-poses for none other than Mario Testino. I've seen and met Ferreira, who is pretty and quite talented. But I don't see the reasoning behind her as Madonna, and aside from some aggressively accurate styling...I don't really feel this transformation. She has more of an exotic look or something. But I will say she is, in some shots, fairly close to 1981/1982 Madonna. More here.

Aging Report Comments (4)

FredericasagormaasTurning 111 this past July with a smile on her face

Frederica Sagor Maas has died at the beyond-ripe old age of 111. She was famous as Frederica-sagor-maasa film writer (she wrote Garbo's 1926 silent classic Flesh and the Devil, from which star Barbara Kent also just recently died) and memoirist.

See her hilariously trash-talking Joan Crawford here.

As fascinated as I've been of late with celebrities of yesteryear, I'd been researching oldest living film figures. Just yesterday, I discovered Maas was alive and looked up her memoir on eBay, thinking it would be a good follow-up to Baby Peggy's, which I recently finished. Having just discovered her, I wrote on my Facebook page a question I'm putting to you all as well.

I know there are no people left who were adults in silent movies, but: What is the oldest movie to have at least one surviving cast member? (I was thinking the 1921 short Her Circus Man or for full-length films Fool's Paradise from the same year, both of which featured Peggy. Which led me to ponder: Is no one alive who ever appeared in any films from the teens? And how many could be alive who ever appeared in a film from the '20s? Carla Laemmle is alive and kicking and appeared in 1925's The Phantom of the Opera.)

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Underwear The Boys Are Comments (1)

Via Sticky (NSFW): Joe Oppedisano has a great eye and knows all of these models' best, er, angles.

I Hate You, Babe Comments (4)

National Enquirer (January 16, 2012) claims that Chaz Bono has all but disowned his mom Cher after a knock-down, drag-out fight in which Cher said she didn't think Chaz's ex-fiancée had ever loved him. Sad if true.

Le Guydar: The Men Of Paris, Part 2 Comments (2)

More after the jump...

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Jan 05 2012
Saved By The Bubblebutt Comments (8)

I'm certain Ali Landry would have stories to disavow me of my affection for Mario Lopez, but man he looks good in them draws. Modeling his new underwear line, Lopez chats with The Advocate, saying:

"We just wanted to have fun and be a little cheeky, but at the same time give it a sexy undertone."

Mission accomplished.


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