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Jan 29 2012
Madonna Prepares To Give Us All Her Luvin' Comments (19)

1"Fuck—you!" [Smiles with satisfaction]

Via MadonnaTribe: Absolutely love the official art for "Give Me All Your Luvin'," which has a lot of energy and style. Love the treatment of the title on Madonna's top. (Fritz thinks that because presenting a person in triptych has occurred before, that makes this somewhat unoriginal. I think Madonna's triptych has a unique, demanding vibe and don't believe it's important for a single cover to be 100% unrecognizable as anything that's ever been done.)

Madonna give me all your luvinThought of this cover because of its resemblance to the third pic above

Madonna89gMadonna's triptych "Give It 2 Me" came out June 4, 2008, before Whitney or Mariah's (dramatically different anyway) covers

6a00d83451715e69e200e54f43815f8833-800wiAny other single covers on which Madonna appears thrice? Oh, yeah! 

Even more in love with the info that "Give Me All Your Luvin'" will be released on February 3 and that iTunes will have an exclusive pre-order of an 18-track deluxe edition of MDNA (including a remix of one song) from February 3—February 6 for just $9.99. Starting February 3, go here for the offer.

Oh, and Madonna's video will be previewed on American Idol.

What's so great about all of this—other than being geeked for new Madonna music and a new Madonna era—is that wherever "GMAYL" ends up on the charts, there will be no argument that it coulda done better if only the label had been more behind it, if only timing had been better, etc. Interscope is not fuckin' around with this. The song is going to achieve the highest position possible, and if that's Top 20 or Top 10 or Top 5 or even #2, then that is the absolute best it could have done.

The only angle Interscope can only work so much is radio airplay. "Hung Up" couldn't crack the Top 40 in radio airplay. The massively popular "4 Minutes" couldn't crack the Top 10. So if radio thinks Madonna is an old bag or that Interscope is too pushy or if radio simply does not care for the song, it's only going to go so high in airplay and will have to rely on what's shaping up to be boffo sales.

When the track first leaked, I thought it sounded like a potential #1. My assessment was tamped down a bit because lots of people who are into Madonna immediately decided they didn't love the sound of the song. We'll have to see if their initial "eh" will reflect what the overall market thinks or if, like "4 Minutes," it's a case of hardcore fans not loving a more current-mainstream-pleasing tilt by their idol.

One thing's for sure—Madonna has to do well at the Super Bowl! The success of her single and its football-themed video are riding on that, and in turn the success of her album will be in part riding on that. This pressure will add to what is already presumably going to be a thrilling 12:40 of TV next week!



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