Dive In Saved By The Bubblebutt 

Jan 05 2012
The Other Sister Comments (6)

Neither Democrat nor Republican but simply "other," Scientologist Juliette Lewis is another star who thinks Ron Paul rocks, telling her Facebook fans that she likes how he is for "preserving the constitution [sic] and basic human rights which are slowly being dismantled with last couple presidents and then some."

Screen shot 2012-01-05 at 3.03.21 PM
Other than indefinite detention—something that will probably affect about 0% of anyone reading this but I agree, a terrible precedent—I am curious to know which basic human rights she thinks have been dismantled...? The right to die of cancer if you're too poor to treat it?

At any rate, an odd time to step up to the plate and declare oneself a Paul supporter; he's a couple of primaries away from being where he belongs—permanent retirement. There isn't a single person running for president who would dream of having him in his cabinet or appointed to any office.

By the way, people who "loath" politics are either people who are cynical about why it's important to care or people who really just don't fucking care.

P.S. Interesting that this ex-fuck bud of Brad Pitt seems to be Libertarian; there is lots of gossip that Angelina Jolie is, too.




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