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Feb 26 2012
I Don't Vant To Be Alone: A Review Of Full Service By Scotty Bowers & Lionel Friedberg Comments (21)

PreviewScreenSnapz001Bowers then and today at 88 [right courtesy of People (March 5, 2012)]

For years, Hollywood insiders have known about Scotty Bowers, an ex-Marine and close confidante of Gore Vidal's who was said to have provided free and/or paid sex to some of the industry's biggest names. Over the years, Bowers has apparently been an anonymous source for film bios, but only in a limited way; he had said he would never tell his full story for fear of hurting people.

Scotty-Bowers-Full-ServiceX300Don't judge it by its hideous cover

As he approaches his eighty-ninth birthday and with most of the people he helped achieve orgasm dead and buried, he's changed his mind and collaborated with Lionel Friedberg on a tell-all that would make Shelley Winters blush—Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars (Grove Press, $25). It came out on Valentine's Day, but there's very little romance involved. Instead, the resourceful Bowers, who supported himself as a bartender and handyman all through the years he was tricking and dry-pimping, handily serves up hardcore sex with a cheerful lack of shame and not a little humor.

I say "dry-pimping" because, as Bowers stresses several times throughout the book, while he took money for sex countless times throughout his life, he never got paid for arranging what sounds like it could be tens of thousands of liaisons for men and women of all sexual persuasions. He's either the coolest dude ever or the stupidest; imagine the fortune he could have made considering so many of his clients were millionaires or better?

Tumblr_kvpl1fCWyq1qzlyyao1_400If you don't believe Katharine Hepburn loved the ladies, this book isn't for you. However, points off for misspelling her name in chapter five.

You might have read something about this book already—likely something dismissive as to its veracity, as to the probability that Bowers really and truly could have set up Katharine Hepburn with over 150 women—but the book has more to offer than just Scotty's Hollywood hijinks. One aspect of the memoir that is left out of most of the coverage is that Bowers, born into poverty in Illinois, has been turning tricks since his pre-teens. His stories of life as a shoe shine boy willing to polish the knobs of various priests and businessmen are just as compelling as his later tales of cornholing people you grew up thinking of as untouchable icons.

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Feb 20 2012
It's Better Than Diggin' A Ditch: My Latest Trip To The Hollywood Show Comments (13)

Green Hornet Starsky HutchAs Fred Sanford would say, "Look at all the dummies!"


Yet another installment of The Hollywood Show has come and gone, just like so many careers. This one was one of my least memorable; the star list was not popping for me.

 IMG_2658Sunny L.A.

However, it was also by far the most successful for the owners—it was supercrowded when I arrived mid-day on Saturday. Who was the big draw, you ask? Believe it or not, Paul Michael Glaser and the original Chris Brown, David Soul. Unbelievable that Starsky & Hutch have such a loyal following—they even sold out a 60-seat dinner with the actors for $150 a head after the show!

I was really scattered this show, having just landed and attended that cystic fibrosis event, so I don't have as many indelible memories as usual. But here goes:

Piper Laurie CarrieWith Piper Laurie—thank G-d I wasn't showing my dirty pillows

Upon arrival, I had to show up at the pro photography gallery for an appointment with the great Piper Laurie, who just turned 80 this year. She looks good and did a very stately photo with me.

Valerie Harper IMG_5664Rhoda & Marrrry

Fresh off the gallery, I went for the biggest star there (IMHO) first, Valerie Harper. Valerie is 72 and looking good, as vivacious as ever. I wish Bethenny Frankel would stop stealing her act! I opened by telling her that although I was having her sign a great Rhoda image, I was more recently impressed by her performance in Looped. She was excited that I'd seen it on Broadway and pointed that out to her husband, almost like I must've been one of the few. Great show, by the way—as I told her, she's not the first, second or third person I would think of when casting someone to play Tallulah Bankhead, which made her performance all the more incredible.

Valerie Harper RhodaOn the Rhoda: Valerie was supersweet

Valerie Harper Shelley Berman

Unfortunately, Shelley Berman was milling around (he seems to haunt these things while never actually doing them himself) and he stole away some of Valerie's attentions during my encounter. Not that there wasn't time to spare—Valerie's husband was so taken with the picture I presented her with (an original publicity still) that he dashed off to have it scanned before she signed it.

Valerie HarperVal wanted to be sure her bangs were bangin'—they were!

She was such a good sport she even agreed to accompany me over to the pro photography gallery so we could get a posed shot even though she had not signed up for that in advance. It cost me another $25 donation, but since she was donating all proceeds to "hunger and poverty people" as well as a charity devoted to Holocaust survivors who are really old and "digging potatoes in fields" out in the middle of nowhere, I figured it was a steal. Another guy tried to get her to do a pic for free and he was politely but firmly told no dice. Holocaust survivors gotta eat, my man.

IMG_5679How can you not love anyone named Lainie?

Next up, I went for Lainie Kazan, 71, the voluptuous chanteuse who became an ample and amply gifted comic actress. I know her best for things like The Nanny, which my sidekick Chexy engaged her with his appreciation for My Favorite Year (1982).

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Feb 18 2012
Flea Market Faces: A(nother) Trip To The Rose Bowl Flea Market Comments (0)


Keep reading for a collection of interesting faces from the Rose Bowl Flea Market this past Sunday. My first trip is immortalized here...

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