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Feb 29 2012
Tyrone Power Bottom Comments (4)

Troy Wise Photography-9239

So I'm pretty sure José would have an alienation of affections case against this model, Hector, who has been captured by Troy Wise (with styling by Rick Guzman, hair by Dominic Alonzo and clothing by Rufskin). He's ES-stunning to me. And looks a lot like Tyrone Power:

Tyrone Power

But I'm sure Tyrone never had this:

Troy Wise Photography-9190
I'm not saying this model is or looks gay, I'm just saying he is or looks guapo. Tons more of him after the jump and still more later this week. I need to take up (real) photography...

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This Kind Of Indulgence For Fans Is *NOT* Ordinary Comments (0)

Davy Jones February 2012 Hollywood Show Paul Carafotes

Sweet video of one of Davy Jones's last performances, an impromptu song at The Hollywood Show two weeks before his death...

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Marcia—And Many Others—Will Be Crushed Comments (4)

Davy jones brady bunch rip

I'm so sorry to read that Davy Jones has died, and at only the age of 66. The lead singer of The Monkees was the nicest member of the group that I met and of course appeared on one of the all-time most memorable Brady Bunch episodes:

Not to mention his game appearance in The Brady Bunch Movie, which I could watch over and over.

Just two weeks ago, he was one of the featured guests at The Hollywood Show. Amazing story about his interaction with a fan is here—please read. I didn't go up to his table, having met most of The Monkees during one of their comeback tours (with opening act Natural). The only pic I snapped of him was this one, which is kind of haunting now:

Davy Jones The Monkees Hollywood Show February

Maureen McCormick was originally scheduled to appear at the show, too, but canceled over money. Wish she'd gone—how sweet it would have been to see the two of them together again after 40 years and 40 zillion reruns.

So sorry for Monkees fans, who must really be shocked and saddened.

After the jump, very recent (within days) videos of Jones performing...

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Fleshback Comments (1)

Hot sexy swimsuit bulge barechested shirtless athletes

Thanks to Jenni for pointing me to Shorpy's "Handsome Rakes" search function, revealing a number of good-looking devils from the past.

Born This Brave Comments (5)

Lady gaga mother mom

Via Towleroad: Lady Gaga and her mom are launching their Born This Way Foundation today, which is focused on "kindness, not meanness." (Tell that to the loud minority of little monsters who will invariably say, "See, Gaga's better than Madonna—Madonna's mom isn't even ALIVE!") As Cynthia Germanotta points out, "bullying is almost overused in the media." For sure! It's now turning into politicians and public figures whining about feeling bullied, which is no comparison to what happens when kids really are bullied.

I think it's fantastic that they're doing this and you'd have to be jaded as hell not to see it as a net positive.

Getting Bald Comments (1)


Via Sticky (NSFW): Tim G. shot for Coverboy, is described as "one to watch." Yes, rather closely and for a rather unseemly amount of time, I'd say.

Stuck On You Comments (4)

Huge hung bbc shirtless stripper go go boy dancer
With thanks to Andy: This handsome dancer has a secret weapon that helps him stay fluffed throughout his erotic performances—he tapes it up over a layer of gauze. Must be seen to be believed, but it's 100% NSFW.

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