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Feb 13 2012
Infiltrating The Palin Drones Comments (16)

Photo(3)Michael, Bristol & her writer

Boy Culture reader Michael from D.C. attended a Bristol Palin booksigning and was dying (rightfully so) to share the results and his reasoning for going:

So I just met Bristol Palin at a book signing, and I got her to sign my True Blue Madonna bag. I justified it by saying to her, "I think you're both such divas and feminine role models." You of course may realize that this means I'm walking around with the signature of teen pregnancy's top spokeswoman on the album with "Papa Don't Preach" on it! Also, it occurred to me as I was walking home—did she know about all the insults Madonna threw at Sarah Palin during the Sticky and Sweet Tour? (Not to mention the condoms with her mom's face on them she threw out.)


Anyway, I think this is a bit funnier than glitter bombing, and totally worth pretending to act like a conservative while I was waiting in line; there were like 25 people there—the first 100 got a free book.

The other thing I told her was that she was such a great role model to young teens, showing them that if they get pregnant, it doesn't matter—"You can still win Dancing with the Stars and be rich and famous. The baby doesn't get in the way!" I think the ghostwriter might have picked up on the trolling, but I got my picture and my free book just the same.

Screen shot 2012-02-12 at 3.36.16 AM

I also met Willow Palin when I was there. I asked her about that time on Facebook she called everyone "fags." She was pretty taken aback, but she apologized to me and said she has no problems with the gays. Closure?



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