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Feb 08 2012
Madonna's Full Release Comments (12)

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With thanks to Keith (follow him on Twitter): Liz Rosenberg and Interscope (Warner who?) have dropped an info-packed press release on all of Madonna's accomplishments of the week: Madonna by the numbers!

Most interesting to me:

"Give Me All Your Luvin'" blasts onto the Billboard "Hot 100" at #13 (this could be its peak, depending on a variety of factors), making it her 56th hit. [It's not in the release, but according to my pal Chris, the women with the most "Hot 100" hits are (1) Aretha Franklin, 73; (2) Dionne Warwick, 56; (2) Madonna, 56; (3) Connie Francis, 53; (4) Brenda Lee, 48; and (5) Mariah Carey, 44. Only Ciccone and Carey are still cranking out hits; Franklin and Warwick haven't hit the chart in 14 years, and it's been 43 years and 39 years for Francis and Lee. Madonna is #1 among women for Top 50, Top 40 and Top 20 hits.]


120 individual lashes were glued onto each of Madonna's eyelids for the Super Bowl.

Calvin Klein gave 200 pairs o black briefs for her volunteer Hoosier gladiators. Liz makes sure to note: "They got to wear them home." If only they'd been forced to remove them and toss them in a big barrel, imagine the money raised for charity?

Full release here.



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